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Jeep Grill Relaxed Cap

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1.00 LBS

Black Mountain, being CBJeep's brand of Jeep Parts and Accessories, spends lots of time designing and branding the brand identity for a nice and uniform look. The Jeep Grill on this hat is one of our most prevelant logos to date and has been very popular on our various t-shirts; so we decided to make it into a premium classic-style hat. 

This cap is crafted just like our Signature Black Mountain logo version, from the ground up. The Woodland Camo is unique and different on each individual cap but all have the puffed embroidered emblem on the face of the soft crown material. The camo pattern extends all the way over the bill for a seamless and unified look only to be accompanied by the Signature Black Mountain logo. But the most impressive part of this cap is not only the original Jeep Grill emblem on the front but the butter-like mesh that wraps your head in the back. Zephyr calls this their "soft mesh" which makes sense because it is of the softest mesh we have ever felt. If it makes any difference to you, we went through 3 different companies when producing these hats just to find this level of quality. 


• Original Woodland Camo pattern unique to each hat

• Puffed Signature Black Mountain Jeep Grill embroidered emblem

• 'Soft Mesh' technology is unspokenly comfortable and allows air-flow

• Easily adjustable and comfortable SnapBack

• Signature Black Mountain logo stitched on Camo pattern bill

• Made by Zephyr, a respected headwear manufacturer